Pete Rugolo

Mercury Years 1950's

Music For Hi-Fi Bugs - P S F
Brass At Work - S F
Yardbird Suite - S F
California Melodies - S F
360 Special - S F
God Child - S S F
Once In Awhile - P S F
Fawncy Meeting You - S F

Painted Rhythm - P

Reed Rapture- S

My Mother's Eyes- S

All The Things You Are- S

Temptation- S

Salute- S

Dream Of You- P

Opus In Pastels- P

Early Stan- P

Concerto To End All Concertos- P

Bongo Riff- P

Minor Riff-P

Design For Brass* - Vic Lewis Orch- S P

Metronome All Stars 1949

Metronome Bop Overtime 1949


The Fugitive TV Score

Main Theme S S P

Gerards Theme S

Fugitive Fugits S

Horatio Goes Go GO S

One Arm Man S

Fugitive Bossa S






*Only Chart Rejected By Stan Kenton by Rugolo. Recorded by Vic Lewis and his Modern Orchestra 1949